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HGH - Human Growth Hormone Steroid

Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. The levels of growth hormones are very high during adolescence as it promotes the growth of tissues, protein deposition, and the breakdown of subcutaneous fat stores. As a person matures the levels of GH decrease, but remain present in the body. The first prepared drugs containing Human Growth Hormone were introduced in the 1980’s. Growth Hormone Box

The content was taken from a biological origin and the hormone extracted from the pituitary glands of human corpses and made into an injectable form. This production method was short lived as it was linked to the spread of a rare and fatal brain disease. Today all forms of Human Growth Hormone are synthetically manufactured. The recombinant DNA process is very intricate; using transformed e-coli bacterial or mouse cell lines to genetically produce the hormone structure.

Effects Of Growth Hormone

The use of growth hormone is popular among athletes due to the numerous benefits associated with it. Human Growth Hormone stimulates growth in most body tissues, primarily due to increases in cell number rather than size. This includes skeletal muscle tissue, and all other body organs except the eyes and the brain. The transport of amino acids is also increased, as is the rate of protein synthesis. All of these effects are actually mediated by IGF-1, a highly anabolic hormone produced in the liver and other tissues in response to growth hormone.

Growth Hormone With Bodybuilding

Human Growth Hormone is a safe drug for any drug testing prior to competitions. The use of Human Growth Hormone has been banned by athletic committees but there is no way to detect its use. This makes it a very attractive drug for professional bodybuilders, strength athletes, and Olympic competitors. However, reliable test for the administration of Human Growth Hormone has been developed and is close to being implemented. This will definitely affect the use of Human Growth Hormone by athletes.

The effectiveness of Human Growth Hormone has been debated for some time. Many users believe it is the best of all anabolic and results in amazing results. It has been known to promote fast growth in short amounts of time. It is commonly used by serious competitors who don’t mind paying a premium price for it. There are those who think that the Olympic champions are those who use Human Growth Hormone. Others believe Human Growth Hormone is very ineffective and a complete waste of the money invested in it.

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