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Trenbolone and IGF1 serum levels

Steroid Cycles Discuss Trenbolone and IGF1 serum levels in the Steroid forums; Sciroxx encourages any user to make serum IGF1 tests in order to asses the clinical effect of the GH. There ...

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Default Trenbolone and IGF1 serum levels

Sciroxx encourages any user to make serum IGF1 tests in order to asses the clinical effect of the GH. There are multiple factors which effect the IGF1 levels. Different drugs do have their impact on the IGF serum levels, one of them is trenbolone. I've seen in few references that trenbolone raises IGF1 levels - Trenbolone doesn't raise IGF1 levels, on the contrary, in most cases it lowers them, it has mainly to do with its progesteronic nature. Trenbolone has also a negative impact on the liver, as well as on thyroid hormones, which may sabotage IGF1 serum levels.

How ever I actually speculate based on vast clinical trials on stock animals, as well as on empirical observation on athletes who uses trenbolone, that its high androgenic component induces on the autocrine level (locally secreted by muscle cells) greater secretion and sensitivity to growth factors, and also posses direct effect on satellite cell proliferation which leads to skeletal muscle hypertrophy, especially for the long run.

It'll be interesting to see some feedback on this matter from members, trenbolone is a harsh drug, with multiple side effects, so anyone should consider this before using it, it does have a strong anabolic as well as a distinct anti catabolic effect, especially on low calories diet.
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