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Npp oct

Post Cycle Therapy Discuss Npp oct in the Steroid forums; So I've been on TRT for just over a year now and cruise at around 150-175 mg of test per ...

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Default Npp oct

So I've been on TRT for just over a year now and cruise at around 150-175 mg of test per week. Blasting now at 600 mg test E per week. Durabolin is a new compound for me so I'm looking for advice for On Cycle Therapy as opposed to PCT since I'm on TRT.

I plan on supplementing fish oil and lipid stabil while on.
I haven't ordered any PCT stuff in a long time since on TRT and only messing with test and occasional orals so I need a recommendation on online research chemical store that offers Letrozole, Cabergoline, Exemestane, and HCG.

So I'm also looking for a protocol for how much and how often for the above mentioned peptides while on NPP and switching back to cruise mode.

I don't really have a set time that I'm blasting for ATM but started mid January so I'm a month in for the test. I have 4 bottles of 100mg/ml NPP and am thinking 450-500 mg per week until it runs out which I think should give me about 8 weeks on. Does this sound like a decent plan? I was thinking of pinning 150mg e3d. At this low of dose maybe I don't need to worry about atrophy or other sides, not sure, haven't messed with nandrolone before. Any advice and opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.
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