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What Do VIP Members Get?

Anabolic Steroids Discuss What Do VIP Members Get? in the Steroid forums; With approx 100 hours invested over the last week, the VIP Section is finally ready to go. We will accept ...

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Old 01-12-2011, 12:02 AM
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Default What Do VIP Members Get?

With approx 100 hours invested over the last week, the VIP Section is finally ready to go. We will accept new members... NOW.
$34.99 One Month
$27.99 One Month Recurring
$69.99 Six Month, Regular $79.99!

15 Legit steroid sources - I guaranteed you will not find any other list online that even comes close to this.
10 International
5 US

20+ Steroid Cycles
1200+ full color pictures (World's Largest Steroid Gallery)
30+ Drug profiles. Not the same outdated ones posted everywhere, updated profiles.
50+ VIP Articles. Covering all areas of bodybuilding and anabolic steroids.
How to properly order and receive anabolic steroids
How to avoid getting ripped off.
How to spot a scammer.
Plus much much more.

FREE BONUS Tools Section
1. File Raid v1.0 (value $149)
Completely clean your computer of any evidence.
2. PCT Calculator (value $29)
How and when to take post cycle therapy.

Plus our regular bonuses
1. Interview with an ex-source and an interview with law enforcement.

2. How to make the world's strongest steroid legally.
3. Supplement Truth's Exposed - Created by a former author for a very popular bodybuilding magazine.

Signs up safe, secure, and your info remains private.
We use an offshore billing company, keeping your info outside North America.

Please send a PM to WetWorks for payment to become a VIP.
At this time, until we get our payment system fixed, we can accept Western Union, or Bitcoin.

Meet you in the VIP lounge
Please do not message me with steroid related questions. Posting in the forums will get you a quicker answer, and help other people in a similar situation, it helps the board grow. Thank you.
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