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From: Tyler Richards
Director Of Steroid Suppliers (The Steroid World)
Monday, 10:44 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Letter Iam mad as hell. I just finished reading another news article on the "crack down on drugs". If you are like most athletes I know in search for steroids, you already know how frustrating it is. Whether it's trying to find them, expensive gym prices, or someone ripping you off online or locally - the government is trying to make it even harder! What this does is force more and more people to order online. Now, why am I mad? The more people forced to order online, the more and more "scammers" there are! A scammer is someone who poses as a steroid supplier, acts like your best friend, then steals your money!

It is estimated that out of all the sites and email addresses who claim to sell anabolic steroids online, 95% of them are scams, just waiting to rip you off!

I've hand selected the net's top steroid suppliers, tested them over and over again, until they earned their spot on our supplier list...
The rumors are true, we have the top suppliers on the internet. We spent the time and money, so you can save the hassle and your hard earned money. Order from these professionals with confidence; you will not be disappointed. American domestic sources or overseas foreign sources, both offering the variety of every steroid on the market.

... and that's just the beginning!

Discover safe ways to transform your body in two months or less!
If you are like me, you like to know exactly what you are doing before you jump into anything. With those thoughts in mind, we completed the ultimate website. We made sure we covered every single area of anabolic steroids. You can be a beginner, who just lifted their first weight two days ago, a professional who has competed in several bodybuilding shows, or anywhere in between... we will guide you, step by step, and even one on one, to help you reach your goals. Here is your proof...

muscle mag recommendation

What exactly do I, and the rest of The Steroid World team have to offer? Let's see:

Trustworthy anabolic steroid suppliers who have proven themselves over and over again. We make it easy to buy steroids online!

Don't ever worry about getting scammed!

Huge list of American and Overseas sources carrying every steroid imaginable. Complete with member ratings and feedback, so you can stay up to date with every source! Also included is my personal comments. "It is my job to make this list the most updated, reliable list on the internet!"

Other sites do 'sell' supplier lists, but they are rarely updated, and often full of scammers because there was no background check done on the supplier. We spend a great deal of time investigating our sources and checking their references before we add them to The Steroid World list. Find a source for life! Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from avoiding scams and steep street/gym prices. Click here to see a sample list from one of our many suppliers.

Update: 10 International sources listed - 5 US domestic sources listed.

The most updated steroid and drug profiles available!

New steroids and drugs added and edited regularly.

Our comprehensive list of steroids covers all the most popular steroids on the market. Each steroid has a lengthy description about the steroid, including how it is used, who uses it, and what companies make it. It also gives the average cost of the steroid, and rates each steroid for strength, mass and fat loss properties, and if there are any side effects. Find out what's best for you!

Over 20 example steroid cycles.

Steroid cycles for every body, every goal, and every lifestyle. Categorized into different groups, with easy navigation and searching, everyone will find what they need!

Over 400 600 1200+ full color steroid pictures.

Large, high quality images of every steroid on the market today. Different brands, different steroids, compare pictures from our legitimate gallery and our counterfeit gallery. Use the pictures to spot fake steroids. This is the largest steroid gallery online!

"Mail order secrets to success."

Only available at The Steroid World. This is a must for anyone considering mail order steroids online. It's the 'who, what, where, when, why' of ordering steroids through the mail.

"Mexican smuggling techniques."

Five unbelievable ways smugglers get steroids across the border. Not only techniques that have been proven to work in the past, but techniques that have never been used before!

24 Hour private message board.

Absolutely priceless! Possibly our most valuable feature. Several hundred members waiting answer any question you may have. Need help with your diet, training, cycle, anything? There is always someone there to help. We have numerous experienced bodybuilding and steroid gurus on staff to help you with anything you need... 24 hours a day!

Next level steroid use.

Articles and information for the advanced athlete. Information on growth hormone, PGF2A, insulin, DNP and more, we got them all covered.

15 Things to know before a steroid cycle!

An absolute must for beginners AND experts. A 15 step checklist to make sure you are 100% prepared to get the most out of your cycle, and minimize side effects.

Why NOT to buy a list of online pharmacies for steroids.

You have probably seen these all over the internet. Online pharmacies, and online sites which sell lists to pharmacies who sell prescription drugs. You must avoid these, they'll only get you in trouble, and we'll tell you why.

Must read articles and reports.

Proper injection techniques, eating to get HUGE, eating to get LEAN, Gainskeeper formula (Keep your gains after a cycle), and much, much more!

"I weight trained moderately but not intensely. I thought at 35 I was too old to start on AAS, but after reading this guys story ("Interview With an Ex-source") I figured it wasn't too late. Once I became a member, I couldn't stop reading, I wanted to read more and more. Thus far I have used 2 of the suppliers on the legit source list. I'm new to this, but both sources delivered quicker than I ever expected. It has only been a couple of weeks and I am f#$%ing amazed at the results! All this started from surfing the net and stumbling on Steroid World. I think it's the most credible, informative and helpful site on the net. Best of all I can get any question answered in a matter of minutes from the private message board, the experienced vets and members there are absolutely amazing... they fine tuned my cycle and nutrition to fit my lifestyle and goals. Thank you to all that helped."

-Signed Pumped Rodriro (Message Board Handle)

That's not all, ORDER NOW and get these BONUSES, valued at over $200, FREE!
BONUS #1 - Extreme Interviews: #1 "Interview with an ex-source", #2 "Interview with a police officer and postal agent"

All I can say is, "WOW!" We spent a couple weeks deciding whether or not we should give these controversial interviews away. We decided, for now, we will allow you to have access to these interviews. For how long? We don't know, order now before we remove them from our site! These interviews are amazing, and there is NO holding back. Every question you can imagine, asked and answered. - Value $34.99

BONUS #2 - Supplement truths exposed.

A former author for a popular bodybuilding magazine exposes the truth on supplements. His tell all article informs you which supplements are a must, and which are a waste of money. Simply a great eye opening article. - Value $29.99

BONUS #3 - The world's strongest steroid, created LEGALLY!

Heard about the new steroid THG, the undetectable steroid for a couple years back ? Well, we have the recipe to make a modified version of it using LEGAL products and less toxic! This steroid is #1 on the black market today! - Value $29.99

BONUS #4 - 15 Warning sings of a scammer.

Spot the scammer and stay away. This piece alone can save you several hundreds of dollars! - Value Priceless

BONUS #5 - File Raid v1.0

Completely clean your PC of any evidence with one click of the button. Deleting information, does not completely get rid of it, this program will! - Value $149.99(!)

"This site is F$%king unbelievable!! I thought it was great before but you guys have outdone yourselves. Admin, Cretin, and all other contributors you have blown the competition out of the water!!!"
-Anonymous, current member

"Just wanted to tell you I was skeptical when I purchased a membership to your website. Let me tell you, the info here and the suppliers you guys have are legit. I would pay 2, 3, or 4 times more to view your information. You all know what's going, you have made me very happy. I have a smile from ear to ear, thanks for your time."

Current Member

"Absolutely the best. This service is worth every penny, I love it here."

[email protected]

"Your members section is great and better than ********.com. It's finally good to see a list of suppliers with only legit suppliers, no broken links, no scammers, and a message board with great info and no scammers posting."

Current Source
Permanent member of ours.

Click here to see more testimonials from our members.

The 'we cannot be beat', GUARANTEE!
I guarantee you will not find a more updated suppliers list, or jam packed steroid site on the net today, guaranteed! If you have found a better site and are not satisfied with our site, I will personally refund your money!

If you are serious about improving your body...
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The Steroid World is the place for you!
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Tyler Richards, Director Of Steroid Suppliers
SWorld Bodybuilding Inc. The Steroid World
[email protected]

P.S. If you want to change your body, why wait, start today. Don't put it off, why wait till tomorrow, when you can start today!

P.P.S Still not convinced you need to be a member? Check out our list of scammers. There are so many scammers today that we had to stop updating the list because it was simply too much work. Don't let yourself get scammed. They are professionals and will make you believe that they are your friend and that they will send you steroids... don't' be fooled.

P.P.P.S Please save your money and don't buy a 'regular' book on anabolic steroids. Any printed book on anabolic steroids will be outdated in a matter of weeks. The only way to have an up to date source for information is from an online subscription, such as this, which is updated constantly. Remember that.


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